Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is an associate campaign important?

Your gift to Bon Secours Mercy Health Foundation sends a powerful message of belief in our Mission beyond your everyday work and inspires others to support our work too.

Why is my gift this year more important than ever?

The pandemic has brought to light new technological and clinical needs in our hospitals. The economic downturn has challenged our most vulnerable patient populations. And the Caring for Our Own Fund (for Associate Hardships) needs to be replenished. Your gift to a local fund or the Caring for Our Own Fund will help fill these critical needs.

How does my gift impact my community?

Your donations make it possible for the Foundation to support projects and initiatives focused on great health care for the communities we serve and help for our most vulnerable patient populations. Funds remain local to help meet local needs for patient care and community investment.

How much should I give?

It has been a challenging year for many of our associates. We recognize that each person’s financial circumstances are unique. During this time, some associates will be able to help, and others will need help. If you are able, please consider a gift at a level that is comfortable and meaningful to you.

Can I donate the value of Personal Time Off (PTO)?

Non-exempt associates may donate PTO. PTO policy no longer allows exempt associates to donate PTO. PTO donations are accepted once a year during the Give for Good Campaign in September.

When does payroll deduction start?

One-time payroll deductions and PTO donations take place in Nov. 2021; ongoing payroll deductions will begin the first pay period of 2021.

What if I donated earlier this year?

If you have made a new gift(s) in 2021, your gift will be counted in the Give for Good Campaign and recognized with a thank you item based on your total giving amount.