Bon Secours St. Francis Foundation

Because of employee gifts, patient needs for suitable seating are met

Something as simple as sitting in a chair can make a world of difference in helping patients regain their strength and speed their recoveries.

At Bon Secours St. Francis downtown, caregivers are eagerly awaiting delivery of reclining chairs for inpatient rooms that will make it safer and easier for patients to move from their beds to a chair.

“Patients will benefit from the new recliners. They are essential for patient progress, mobility and comfort,” says Julie Funke-Carlton, director of rehabilitation services, and having the right chair makes all the difference. “We’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new recliners.”

The new chairs are adjustable and have removable armrests. That not only means that patients will be more comfortable and better able to tolerate being seated, but it will also make for safer transfers from the bed to the chair and vice versa, especially for patients who have multiple IV lines and drains, she says. “We’re really hoping that they will make it easier for patients to improve their sitting balance and core strength to help decrease length of stay and improve recovery.”

Another plus, Julie says, is that every patient room will have a chair. “So, we won’t have to worry about moving equipment around. The therapists are really excited about getting them.”

Caregivers understand how important these chairs will be to patient recovery and that is who made them possible. “It was all of us – employees — contributing to our One Fund,” Julie says. Donations made to the One Fund stay local and address needs specific to our community.