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Andrea’s family is healthier and stronger because of you

Andrea credits your help with making her a better mom.

Family is everything to Andrea Pegues. And Andrea can’t imagine life without help from Bon Secours Family Focus. Because of you, Andrea gets the support, education, and access to community resources she needs to successfully raise their children.

“With all the programs they offer, they have helped me, and my children be more social and make new friends,” she said. It gave my children a safe space to play and learn independence, which made starting school so much easier. And it taught us a healthier lifestyle. We even started our first garden, which has helped me lose 20 pounds.”

For parents and children alike, Bon Secours Family Focus provides programs that cover parenting and nurturing kids of all ages, from newborns to teens. Thanks to gifts from associates, parents get health and safety education to help them take a more active role in raising their children.

Delores Greene-Price, Program Manager for Family Focus, sees families’ lives change right before her eyes.

“Family Focus is a saving grace for many of the families that we serve,” she said. “It is a blessing to be able to nurture parents when they’re feeling overwhelmed and challenged.”

Your donations directly impact families in need, helping them become healthier in mind, body and spirit. Andrea feels that your support helped her become a better mother.

“They provided support for me and my children when we had no family in the state,” she said. “It is so wonderful to know there are programs like this out there that can help families be better, and to know that you’re not alone.”