Mercy Health Foundation Irvine

Juanita Hughes regained her mobility after a broken hip because of donor supported services!

When Juanita Hughes broke her hip, she was able to get a leg up on her recovery from the impact of gifts to the Foundation.

She had surgery then was in Mercy Health — Marcum and Wallace Hospital for several weeks for her recovery and rehabilitation. She’s back home now and living independently because of the inpatient and home therapy donor support provided.

“They worked with me, always encouraging me and helping me accomplish my goals,” Juanita says.

I can’t say enough about them, as well as all of the doctors and nurses. It was an unbelievably good experience.

No matter what time I called for them, they always came in with a smile on their face.

Spending that long in the hospital was hard, and Juanita said it was stressful. But the staff made all the difference. Your gift to Marcum and Wallace Hospital Greatest Need fund this campaign could be used to support rehabilitation services and home health care, and help more people like Juanita.

“I went from not being able to do anything to now I can cook for myself and take care of my home,” she says. “It was such a blessing. I’d recommend our little hospital to high heaven!”