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New Wheelchairs are a lifeline for Beulah’s healthcare, thanks to associate donors

Beulah Moore spent her career as a 911 dispatcher and supervisor being what she calls a “lifeline” to those in the community. She knows how important it is to be there when someone is in need.

Since Beulah’s lungs don’t function well, she needs help getting around. And you are a lifeline for Beulah with your gift that bought special wheelchairs with IV poles and oxygen tank holders for Mercy Health — Marcum and Wallace hospital patients.

“It’s discouraging and hard to cope with when a doctor says you only have 25% of your lungs left,” Beulah said. “I couldn’t make it in and out of the hospital or to the ER. I couldn’t make it to tests by myself.”
makes walking difficult.

Beulah says she isn’t even able to walk the distance from the parking lot to the elevator.
“I’m just hoping to find some bit of relief in life that will help me in any way,” she shared. “The wheelchairs have been that. I know when I get to the hospital, I’m going to get the tests I need and I’m going to be able to get around because they have those wheelchairs,” she says.

Beulah is grateful for associate donations and says the wheelchairs are just part of the wonderful care that she regularly receives from Mercy Health.

“Mercy Health is a lifeline for my good health,” she says. I love that the staff will take time to pray with me when I am there. God can be felt in that hospital.”