Mercy Health Foundation Lima

Thomas Wulfhorst is grateful that you supported him during his wife’s end-of-life care.

With his wife Rebecca in the hospital fighting COVID, Thomas Wulfhorst spent 50 days unable to sit by her side.

“I was able to go in once a day and see her through a window,” he said.

When Rebecca suffered a major stroke, Thomas was grateful a nurse from Mercy Health — Hospice, Lima, was there quickly to get his wife the end-of-life care she needed. He was also thankful he was finally able to be with Rebecca.

“Those last few days, the nurses brought in a recliner right next to my wife’s bed and I was able to hold her hand,” he said. “I was there all the time, and her sisters were there with me. That was so important.”

Associate’s generosity to the Mercy Health Foundation makes hospice care in Lima possible, and Thomas saw the true power of that care when his wife passed away.

“The nurse showed up about a half hour before and she stayed with us close to two hours after just talking to us and comforting us,” he recalled. “To us, the care and kindness meant everything.”

Thomas is grateful this made such kindness and compassion possible for his family as they were facing a difficult time.

“Thank you. You don’t realize what it meant to us for those nurses to be there to comfort the family.”

Inspired by the care his family received, Thomas put his gratefulness into action by becoming a volunteer at the hospital.