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Because of gifts for the Graduate Medical Education Program at Mercy Health – St. Rita’s, Dr. Sana Shakeel is getting real-life experience in managing a pandemic like COVID-19. Dr. Shakeel says the GME program provides exceptional training and attracts talented doctors to Lima.

Associate gifts to the GME helped Dr. Shakeel gain real-life experience in managing a pandemic

When Dr. Sana Shakeel came to Lima to attend the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Program at Mercy Health-St. Rita’s, she never thought she would get first-hand experience in how to handle a pandemic.

But with the outbreak of COVID-19, she is learning a whole new skill set. She and her fellow residents are getting to see how the health system manages such a crisis and have been able to participate in how emergency protocols are created during times like this.

Because of your support for the GME program, Dr. Shakeel and other new physicians get experience working in a community hospital setting, with all the resources available at larger institutions.

“I certainly want to thank donors who support the GME program,” Dr. Shakeel said. “I get so much hands-on experience working one-on-one with attending physicians. I’m able to perform procedures, and I have had access to the resources I’ve needed. While the residents are not directly caring for COVID-19 patients, we are experiencing how a pandemic looks. As a new physician, it is an important education for our future.”

Dr. Shakeel also said she looks forward to the opening of the new building to house the GME program.

“The new building with simulation and lecture rooms is going to attract more doctors to the community,” she said. “I’m proud to say I’m working in a community hospital, and we don’t lag behind big university hospitals.”

“I want donors to know that it is really adding value to our education and training.”