Mercy Health Foundation Lourdes

Fund Descriptions

Paducah Market Greatest Need:

Supporting any needs of Mercy Health — Lourdes Hospital.

Dr. Lisa Chaney Lasher Women’s Service Fund:

Promoting a lifetime of health for women.


Supporting patients and their families through challenging times of transition, illness, death and grief.

IMPACT Lourdes Women’s Philanthropy Group:

Members of this women’s philanthropic group donate yearly to vote on the funding of a strategic, non-budgeted project to receive a grant funded by their donations. Donations provide support of high-quality healthcare, administered to the community by Mercy Health — Lourdes Hospital.

Outpatient Mission Fund:

Helping those patients from clinic locations with the greatest need for items such as medications, food, clothing, or even a ride home.

Sr. Marie Moore Patient Mission Fund:

Helping patients in the hospital with needs for items such as medications, food, clothing, or even a ride home.

Heart & Vascular Care:

Supports advancement in cardiovascular care by funding new technology, enhancing facilities and providing educational opportunities.

Camp Robin for Grieving Children:

Camp Robin includes age-appropriate therapeutic activities in a fun, safe environment with bereavement professionals.

Behavioral Health:

Supporting needs of patients in behavioral health.

Caring for Our Own Fund:

Provides aid to associates facing financial hardships.

Bon Secours Mercy Health Impact Fund:

Impact greatest needs ministry-wide. Your gift will be shared among all BSMH Foundation markets.