Mercy Health Foundation Lourdes

Jenny Brown is grateful associates supported her and her family with the tornado aftermath.

When the historic Quad Tornado hit her Kentucky town, Jenny Brown’s home was destroyed, leaving her and her family struggling to save belongings and find a place to go. As they worked, fellow Bon Secours Mercy Health associates were busy mobilizing to help Jenny and other associates pick up the pieces.

Associates from across the Ministry gave more than $100,000 to the Caring for Our Own Fund to help associates like Jenny who suffered Tornado losses.

Jenny, a Care Transitions Nurse, received a call that she will never forget.

“A gentleman from the ministry reached out to me to see what my needs were,” she recalls. “It was very heartfelt. Just talking to him was a comfort because I could tell he truly cared.”

Because of your donations, Jenny was able to take the time away from work she needed to recover and get settled in a new home. Jenny says she’s still overwhelmed by the generosity shown by Bon Secours Mercy Health.

“The outreach is more than I would have ever considered could happen,” she says. “I’ve worked at many different medical facilities, but the outreach here has been true and from the heart.”

She marvels that people from the entire system took time to help her with donations.

“To know that, yes my coworkers and the people that know me and love me helped, but I received funds from a lady in Hampton Roads, Virginia,” she says. “I’ve never met this woman. The little notes they would send with them were amazing.” There are so many people trying to find a place to live, a car to drive. We are very, very blessed.