Mercy Health Foundation Lourdes

Gifts ensure the latest life-saving medical advancements are available for patients like Vicki.

When Vicki Rudolph found what she thought was a cyst in her breast, everything happened in a blur. A mammogram, ultrasound and MRI in quick succession revealed that she would need a lumpectomy to remove a tumor.

Donations to Mercy Health Foundation Lourdes provided Vicki’s doctor with the latest medical equipment to perform her surgery. Margin Probe technology allowed her surgeon to probe the surrounding tissue after the tumor was removed to make sure no cancer cells were left behind. With the Margin Probe, Vicki could confidently have a less invasive lumpectomy as an outpatient procedure.

“It all happened so fast,” says Vicki. “I was blessed that my doctor knew about the new technology. If you can call anything like this a good experience, this was it. The doctor was able to do everything with just one small incision.”

Having clean margins when her tumor was removed meant Vicki only had to take radiation therapy and didn’t need chemotherapy or any additional surgeries.

Vicki is doing great now and is grateful she had access to the Margin Probe technology.

“I have to thank God for guiding the hands of my surgeon and for providing the means for donors to give for this equipment. I am so thankful I was able to benefit from it.”