Mercy Health Foundation Lourdes

Thanks to you, Carla kept her hair – and her confidence – while fighting breast cancer.

Carla Whitis is grateful for
Associate gifts that provided her with a cold cap to prevent hair loss from chemotherapy.

When Carla Whitis was diagnosed with breast cancer, she knew she faced surgery, radiation and chemotherapy ahead. She also knew chemo would make her lose her hair, and it’s part of her cancer that she dreaded.

But you helped Carla keep about 80 percent of her hair—and 100 percent of her confidence—at a time she needed all the inner strength she could muster. Thanks to Mercy Health Lourdes Hospital associates, the caps are provided free-of-charge to patients to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy, so people like Carla can keep their self-esteem and dignity during treatments.

She said that keeping her hair made it easier to cope with her diagnosis. Now Carla is also using her experience to pay it forward with other cancer patients by being a coach on how to use the cold caps.

“I am so grateful that I didn’t have to go through losing my hair,” she said. “It’s hard enough having cancer and going through chemo and surgeries and radiation. The last thing you need is to have everyone looking at you and wondering. I was able to carry on day-to- day like normal, so for me it was a fantastic experience.”

“I know the emotional stress, and the depression, and how hair loss can affect you emotionally, physically and psychologically. I didn’t experience any of that because I was able to keep my hair. I am so thankful for this opportunity!”