Mercy Health Foundation Lourdes

Edward Leslie’s wounds nearly led to having his leg amputated, but gifts to the Outpatient Mission Fund meant he got the IV antibiotics that healed him.

Associate donors helped Edward get the medication that saved his leg

Edward Leslie had serious wounds in both legs and his condition was worsening. At his first wound care appointment at Mercy Health – Lourdes in Paducah, KY, doctors discovered one of his legs was black and were worried it might have to be amputated.

“I told them to save my legs!” remembers Edward.

The doctors were determined to honor Edward’s wishes. They found a strong IV antibiotic that just might save his legs. But Edward’s insurance wouldn’t pay for supplies needed to give him the IV medication he desperately needed.

“It was going to cost nearly $450 each visit,” he says. “I am a disabled veteran and social security doesn’t give much. We were trying to figure out what we could sell just to pay these bills.”

When Edward needed help the most, associate donors stepped in. Gifts to the Outpatient Mission Fund helped provide supplies so he could get the special antibiotics that saved his leg and helped heal his wounds.

“I’m just really grateful,” Edward shared. “They helped us a lot, and we didn’t have to lose our things.”

“I’ve worked all my life for what I have,” Edward said. “I’m hoping to completely get back to my old self soon.”

With one leg now healed completely and the other much better, Edward is looking forward to getting back to the things that he loves—building and repairing small engines.

“My favorite hobby is working on motors,” Edward said. “That’s been my greatest joy in life.”