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A trip to the doctor means new books for Stephanie’s children, thanks to you.
Like most kids, Stephanie Dixon’s children used to fear going to the doctor. Now, thanks to associates like you, they are given a new book from the Reach Out and Read program when they visit their pediatrician’s office, and they’re more excited about seeing the doctor.

“My five-year-old has figured out that at trip to the doctor’s office usually means getting a shot,” Stephanie said. “But he’s also decided that it’s worth it if he’s getting a new book out of it!”

Partnering with pediatricians, Reach Out and Read emphasizes the importance of reading with your children to promote brain and language development and strengthen the bond between children and parents. Thanks to your donation to the Foundation, families are given new books at doctor’s visits to encourage their children to read early, fostering a love for learning at a young age.

“My oldest, Luke, was about 18 months old when the program started, and now he just loves reading,” she said. “His favorite book is the one from his last visit to the pediatrician. My two-year-old just got his first one and it has already helped him learn his colors. They both really look forward to it. We love the program!”

“It helps me help them to learn to read. Luke is starting kindergarten, and this has helped him want to learn more. I’m really so thankful donors are supporting this!”