Bon Secours Richmond Foundation

Generous associate support assisted Mason with his continuing education.

Mason Bazala loves being a registered nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at St. Mary’s Hospital, where he feels that with each patient, he’s actually treating two different patients.

“It’s a unique thing here in the NICU,” he said. “As a nurse, you’re really working with two different patients at a time— the families to help them feel better, and then the baby, too.”

Mason knows that without a scholarship he received from the Bon Secours Foundation he might not have been able to finish school and start his career in the NICU.

“The scholarship came at a time when I really needed the money to be able to finish my last two semesters of school,” he said.

He said that his position as a NICU registered nurse has been “a dream,” and he’s grateful that donations just like ones made from Give for Good made his dream a reality.