Bon Secours Richmond Health Care Foundation

Eusebia struggled to get to a doctor or find one she could afford. Because of your gift, she can now get her health care on the Care-A-Van near her home.

For the neediest in our community, health care often feels like a luxury they can’t afford. But thanks to you, these underserved people have the Care-A-Van to get the medical services they need, and often in their own neighborhood.

“I want to say that the doctors, nurses and staff there are a blessing for every person they encounter,” Eusebia said. “Every person working there is saving the lives of those who are sick. If they weren’t there, what would happen to those people? I thank God for each of you. I don’t know what we would do without the Care-A-Van because so many people go there for care and they are treated so well.”

The vans serve around 13,000 patients each year. About half of them are children who depend on the Care-A-Van to get vaccinations needed for school.

“We partner with faith-based congregations to set up a primary care clinic for a day,” said Tyler Agee, director of community development. “We help patients who need to see a physician right away, as well as those who need assistance managing chronic conditions. For a donor to be part of that mission is incredible.”

“The Care-A-Van is a blessing for me,” said Eusebia. “I was very sick and very thin when I first came to the Care-A-Van, but thank God, and thanks to the Care-A-Van, my health is good now.”