Mercy Health Foundation Clark & Champaign Counties

You gave Christine hope in her recovery

As a working wife and mother with teenaged twins, Christina Swinford didn’t have time for cancer.

But that became her reality when she was diagnosed in 2018. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments over 10 months left her exhausted, both emotionally and physically.

“My life couldn’t be put on hold any longer,” Christine said. “I needed to build up my endurance for work and to take care of my family.”

Generous donations from associates to the Springfield Cancer Center support the work of Maple Tree Cancer Alliance for patients in Clark and Champaign Counties. You helped Christine regain her stamina and feel like her old self again.

“To have someone understand the toll treatment took on my body and know how to assist me one session at a time to improve my overall cardiovascular and muscular health, not to mention my range of motion, was truly irreplaceable,” she said. “I’ve learned to live a much healthier lifestyle, and I’m excited about my future. I want to find ways I can help others going through the same journey.”

Christine wants you to know how much she appreciates your support and the impact it has had on her and her family.

“Thank you so much!” she said. “Thank you for understanding the need for this free service. I can’t tell you how vital their assistance was in bridging the gap between how my body felt after chemo and radiation and how I felt after just 12 sessions. “Your support wasn’t just physical. It was emotional as well. It was hope.”