Mercy Health Foundation Greater Toledo

Your generous donations fund a very special social worker who helps young mother Dajuandolyn cope.

Being a 15-year old can have its ups and downs. Being a 15-year old during the time of COVID-19 can be challenging. Being a 15-year old with a newborn baby? Now that is challenging! And let’s throw in the fact that your mother just passed away – from COVID-19.

Thanks to generous gifts from donors like you, 15-year old Dajuandolyn Ramey has a lifeline to help her and her beautiful daughter, Ava. That lifeline is KaZonte Allen, a licensed social worker funded through gifts to the Mercy Health Foundation.

“KaZonte understands me,” Dajuandolyn said. “When I’m feeling down, when I need someone to talk to or help with my daughter, I go to her.”

KaZonte helped raised her siblings as a young lady when her mom worked. This prepared her for her current role assisting people with transportation, housing, and counseling. She coordinates care between obstetricians, behavorial health specialists and medical assisted treatment providers. She links resources and helps with coping skills and literacy.

“I am someone to hold their hand,” KaZonte says. She describes Dajuandolyn as a strong young lady – very mature and strong willed.

“It is stressful, but I think I’m a good mom,” Dajuandolyn says. “KaZonte has made me shed some tears – she is so happy that she can help me. She listens and makes me feel wanted. I am so grateful to donors to the Mercy Health Foundation to make this possible.”