Mercy Health Foundation Greater Toledo

RN Megan Koerper spends a few minutes in a massage chair provided by Mercy Health Foundation donors. The chairs are just one of many ways generous donors are taking care of our front-line heroes during the COVID-19 crisis.

Thanks to donors, front-line staff like Megan can take a break for self-care.

Megan Koerper is a registered nurse in the Coronary Care Unit at St. Vincent in Toledo. She’s been through some trying times in her nursing career, but nothing compares to the stress of COVID-19.

Megan says she and her fellow nurses are working hard to meet their patients’ medical and emotional needs. All while working long hours in protective gear.

“We are taking on so many roles that we don’t normally cover,” she explained. “We are family for the patients, we run lab samples, we pass out meals. We’ve stepped up to the plate to help in any way we can.”

It can be overwhelming for these front-line heroes. But associate donors stepped up to help them! Donations were used to purchase massage chairs for unit break rooms to give the hard-working nurses and staff a moment to relax and recharge, so they can get back to caring for their patients.

“If we see something that’s upsetting or if it’s been a fast-paced day, we can take 10 minutes for ourselves,” Megan said. “It’s much needed any time in nursing, but right now especially.”

Megan and her team know it’s important to take care of themselves and each other, so they can better care for their patients. She is grateful that your donations have made self-care easier.

“We’re all in this together and we appreciate everything that everyone is doing for us.”