What We Do

Understanding the role of the Bon Secours Mercy Health Foundation

Who we are

  • We are the charitable foundation connected to the BSMH Ministry.
  • Each local Bon Secours and Mercy Health Foundation operates in your area to identify and address specific needs for those we serve

How it works

  • We connect donors like you with funding opportunities that align with your interests, and you choose to give to a specific fund that resonates with you.
  • Examples of how your gift can help: providing financial assistance to struggling patients, supporting associates facing unexpected hardships, advancing clinical care with new medical equipment, funding hospice services, and promoting health education in your community.
  • There are various ways to make an impact, and the choice is yours.

Why we ask for your contribution

  • As associates, you witness firsthand the needs of our patients, fellow associates, and communities.
  • Even small donations from our 50,000+ associates can make a significant difference. If each associate gives a few dollars per pay period, it can add up to millions of dollars to support those we serve.
  • Associate giving saves lives, improves patient outcomes, assists fellow associates, and heals our communities.
  • Together, we have the power to make a positive impact through our collective efforts.

Power Hour

Gift of 1 hour of pay per pay period via payroll deduction


Half Hour Hero

Gift of 1/2 hour of pay per pay period via payroll deduction


Lead for Good

Gift of $38.47 per pay period via payroll deduction OR $1,000 one-time gift via payroll deduction

Per Pay Period

Customized gift amount per pay period via payroll deduction

One-Time Payroll Deduction

Customized one-time gift amount via payroll deduction

Credit Card/ACH/PayPal

Customized one-time OR recurring gift

Not an Associate but still want to Give for Good?

Customized one-time OR recurring gift