Mercy Health Foundation Mahoning Valley

You provided Jesska the support she needed through CenteringPregnancy

Jesska Mack was new to the Youngstown area when she learned she was expecting her third child, nine years after her second. “Having a nine-year gap between my children, it was like starting over,” she recalls. “I didn’t even know where to go to the doctor.”

You stepped up to help Jesska! At Mercy Health, she was able to get involved with the CenteringPregnancy® Program provided by your donations to the Mercy Health Foundation. Jesska got the support and education she needed for a healthy pregnancy and transition back into new motherhood. She felt better prepared and more confident. “They are very caring people. I love all of them tremendously,” she adds.

“They go beyond their job to make sure that all us mothers are all taken care of.”

Jesska says she valued the information that CenteringPregnancy® provided on car seat safety and lactation, but as a mother who struggles with depression, the support she received was key to her mental health. Jesska is grateful for the tools that Centering Pregnancy® gave her to help her be the best mother to her babies. Now she wants to pay it forward so other expectant moms get the support they need too.