Mercy Health Foundation Mahoning Valley

Jason Montgomery is grateful for the donors who ensured his doctors and nurses had every resource to help him recover from COVID-19 which made him gravely ill.

When associates give for good, help is there for patients like Jason who beat COVID-19

When Jason Montgomery felt sick in early March, he thought it was the flu. As his symptoms got worse a test confirmed he had COVID-19. But thanks to you, the team at Mercy Health – St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital had everything it needed to save Jason’s life and help him recover from the virus.

Jason was on a ventilator and in an induced coma for nearly two weeks. He was able to get a medication to fight the infection and had recovered enough to be removed from the ventilator three days later. He got the care he needed because of your generosity.

“It’s a blessing to get that kind of care,” Jason said.

“I know the hospitals are really overwhelmed right now and would have a hard time without donors. It means a lot for me to even be here to say thank you to them.”

When his health improved, he was taken off the ventilator and awakened from the induced coma. It was then that Jason finally came face-to-face with the team of caregivers that had saved his life. He calls them his heroes.

“Since my family couldn’t be there, it was nice that everyone really seemed to care about me,” Jason added. “The nurses would wave and give me a thumbs up. There were nurses with tears in their eyes, just very excited for my well-being.”

He is now recovering at home and getting stronger every day. He’s even returned to work part-time.

Jason is thankful to be someone who survived COVID-19 and credits donor-supported Mercy Health for his recovery.