Bon Secours Baltimore Health System Foundation

Amy sees the impact of associate giving every day through Early Head Start

Donations from associates to Bon Secours Baltimore Foundation help Amy Yost provide services to children and families that allow both to thrive.

As the Family Services Manager for Early Head Start, Amy is guided by two fundamental truths. The first is that children exposed to Early Head Start are better prepared for kindergarten than kids who aren’t. The second is that supporting children doesn’t start or end with the children themselves.

“Everything that you do for a parent also benefits their child,” she says.

Amy connects parents with resources available through Bon Secours Community Works that help them achieve a stable and healthy environment for their children at home.

“We are here five days a week, which allows parents to work full time. That has a huge impact on families,” Amy says.

Donors support Amy’s family advocacy efforts at Early Head Start in a variety of ways by providing critical funding and supplementing specific needs.

“For example, at Christmas, we did a toy drive and fell short of what we needed. The Foundation stepped in to provide extra gifts for our families so everyone had enough,” she says.

As a Bon Secours associate, Amy also supports the Foundation herself.

“I believe in the Foundation’s mission of supporting people in need,” she says. “And the support given to our efforts is very needed and very appreciated.”