Bon Secours St. Francis Foundation

Thanks to Associate Donors, patients and nurses both benefit from easier check-ins

It’s no secret: patients dread the wait they have when visiting their doctors’ offices. It’s also no secret that nurses need to record vital information – blood pressure, pulse, temperature and oxygen levels – before the patient sees the doctor.

Thanks to you, patients and nurses both have it easier at Foothills Internal Medicine. The Mid-Mark devices, known as a “nurse on a stick,” that you provided makes nurses more efficient, which means patient wait times are shorter, and less stressful.

“The nurse on a stick makes us more efficient because we can check multiple vitals at the same time,” says Leslie Thompson, practice manager. Each device has a blood pressure cuff and monitor, pulse oximeter and thermometer. And, because each nurse has her own nurse on a stick, there’s no need to share equipment. So, Leslie says, they can move patients into exam rooms quicker.

“Patients really seem to like it,” she says. “They’re not as nervous because their waits aren’t as long, and they can get their vitals out of the way and be done with it. These devices make us more efficient and are greatly appreciated. Thank you.”