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Associate Donors Assure that Kirsten and other Bon Secours Mercy Health Associates like You Make it Through Unexpected Circumstances

Kirsten Lausier has been with Bon Secours Mercy Health for 13 years. As an occupational therapist with DePaul Medical Center in Norfolk, she has cared for her patients’ physical, emotional and mental needs. Then came COVID-19. Little did she know that she and her family would have a need of their own.

DePaul Medical Center saw a dip in census as people became hesitant to leave home. Combined with elective surgeries being canceled, the flow of therapy patients slowed. This resulted in Kirsten losing hours, thus putting a strain on her family’s finances. With a husband and two children, it became a challenge to make ends meet. The Associate Hardship Fund, now called the Caring for Our Own fund, made up the difference when she didn’t get 40 hours.

“I was surprised and happy,” Kirsten said. “That was very helpful – very helpful.”

Kirsten is especially thankful to be part of the Bon Secours Mercy Health family.

“This company looks out for its employees so much,” she said. “The funds helped us keep up with our expenses in an already difficult time. The restorative pay gives you the clarity that you are always taken care of.

“It was like – Wow! – it really feels like Bon Secours Mercy Health looks out for you,” she said. “I’ve never been as happy in a job as I am now. I’ve never felt so secure.”