Mercy Health Foundation Lorain

Mercy Health Lorain respiratory therapists Ryan Kocsis, Karen Eibon, Allison Metheney, and Ron Wildenthaler are grateful for the donation that provided new non-invasive ventilators for patients with COVID-19 and other difficult breathing issues.

Donations provide non-invasive state-of-the- art ventilators for Mercy Health – Lorain Hospital.

Ventilators are a critical piece of providing care to patients fighting COVID-19. Thanks to Foundation donors, Mercy Health — Lorain Hospital was able to purchase new ones that feature powerful, life-saving technology.

“I’ve personally seen these ventilators prevent someone from having to receive an artificial airway which, in turn, shortens their stay in the hospital and gets them home quicker to their family and friends,” said Respiratory Manager Ryan Kocsis.

As Mercy Health Lorain was preparing for COVID-19 patients, Ryan says the hospital and staff took comfort in knowing they had the new ventilators to help them save lives.

“With what we were anticipating with COVID-19, it was nice knowing that we had these machines and we could have our other ventilators available for invasive ventilation needs,” he says.

Ryan says the hospital is thankful that donors provided the technology for use in the COVID-19 response and to help all patients who come to the hospital with difficult breathing issues.

“From the whole respiratory staff, we are so thankful for the generosity of the donors,” he says. “This equipment is touching so many patients in the community and we are very blessed to have it.”