Mercy Health Foundation Lorain

Gifts to the Foundation helped Cheryl honor her husband’s and mother-in-law’s wishes to spend their finals days on the family farm

For more than 100 years the farmhouse on the McConnnells’ family farm has been a place of comfort for four generations of loved ones. When Cheryl McConnell’s mother-in-law and, later, her husband needed end-of-life care, the farmhouse was the comforting place where they wanted to spend their final days.

Gifts in support to Mercy Health — New Life Hospice helped Cheryl honor their wishes and care for each of them at home on the family farm.

“Hospice was there every step of the way,” Cheryl recalls. “If we didn’t know what to do, we just called. I was completely thrilled with how caring they were, making sure the last days of someone’s life are the best they can be.”

It was important to Cheryl that her husband, Gary, could come home with the best care when his ailing health became terminal.

“This farm was everything to Gary,” Cheryl says. “I wanted him to be surrounded by those who loved him, and on his farm where he was born and raised.”

Cheryl is grateful that you donate to the Mercy Health Foundation to help ensure that hospice is available for those who need it.

“Hospice was a lifeline that let our loved ones die respectfully. What your donations give is priceless.”