Mercy Health Foundation Lorain

Gundula is thankful for your support of Hospice care.

Gundula Houff cared for her husband Larry at home for as long as she could.

When it came time to ask for help, you were there for her.

Larry had multiple myeloma which caused him a great deal of pain, and at a point the medication Gundula could administer was not enough. She made the difficult decision of admitting him to New Life Hospice, which is supported by donors like you.

“The hospice was a real gift,” Gundula said. “After even one day, Larry’s pain was under control and he was alert. He knew he was in the right place.”

He was at New Life for more than five weeks until he died in November 2019, and he was able to spend quality time with all his family. A retired minister, Larry was director of the church choir which even managed to come to his room to rehearse for him.
“He took time with each family member and had personal time—parting time—with each child and grandchild,” Gundula said. “There were lots of visits from friends and church members—it was a blessed time.”

Associate gifts to New Life Hospice allowed her and Larry to spend those last precious days together with family, without the stress of being a primary caregiver.

“It is a place where they take care of your physical being, but also your spiritual wellbeing,” she said. “It was just a wonderful time—he was happy and at peace. It was a fitting ending to the life he lived.”