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Gifts to Med Assist have improved Larry’s Health and his access to important medications

“Do I get medicine, or do I eat?” Last year, Larry Muhammad faced some tough challenges and frequently had to ask himself that question. Gifts to Med Assist helped Larry get the medication he needed. Now he doesn’t have to sacrifice his health for his other needs.

“I went through a divorce and had to start over from nothing,” says Larry. “I’m working now, but it still takes time to get back on your feet.”

“Some days, I had to decide between paying for my diabetes medication or groceries or paying for medicine instead of putting gas in the car to get back and forth from work.”

Thanks to donor generosity, Larry was able to get help from Med Assist, a program funded by donors that provides financial assistance for diabetic supplies and medications with a monthly voucher. For Larry, it did more than help him make ends meet, it helped him take control over his diabetes and his health.

“The best part of the Med Assist program is my blood sugar numbers have been amazing,” he said. “I just cry because I’m so happy about how my health is improving. I’m thankful for this program because it literally saved my life.”